1. What is needed to apply for Guardianship for my child?

Certain documents that are needed to apply for the Article 17A Guardianship Petition.

The following original documents are needed to apply:

  • The child’s Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Citizenship of the Proposed Guardians or Proof of Legal Residence in the US

Proof of Citizenship/Legal Residence:

  • Birth Certificates; Passports; Certificate of Citizenship
  • Resident Card (Green Card)

2. How long does the entire process take?

Once the Petition is file with the Surrogate’s Court, the process could take up to six (6) months.

3. Why do I need to apply for Guardianship for my child?

In this country, when an individual becomes eighteen (18) year old, they become adults, which mean parents are no longer legally involved in the child’s life. In most cases, individuals with intellectual disabilities continue to need their family members or caretakers to make crucial medical decisions for them. The Article 17A Petition for the Person only allows for that continued involvement by the people who have already been caring for the individual.